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Why is lightweight UFC more popular?

The lightweight division is just loaded with talent. The weight cut off is able to be reached by a lot of 170 fighters who are trying to get an advantage, so you’ll see a lot of talent in 155 when they should probably be fighting elsewhere.

What weight class has the most knockouts?

Case in point, the best divisions to watch for knockout are light heavyweight, middleweight, and lightweight, in that order. Light heavyweight is clearly the king of the knockout. The divisions with the fewest knockouts were welterweight and heavyweight.Oct 31, 2009

Who is the world flyweight champion?

Flyweight (112 lbs, 50.8 kg, 8 st) WBA WBC WBO Luis Concepcion Interim Champion 39-8 (28 KOs) February 7, 2020 McWilliams Arroyo Interim Champion 21-4 (16 KOs) February 27, 2021 Junto Nakatani 21-0 (16 KOs) November 6, 2020 Aug 9, 2021

Who is the youngest flyweight champion?

Wilfred Benítez Wilfred Benítez (born September 12, 1958) is a New York-born Puerto Rican former professional boxer and the youngest world champion in the sport’s history.

Who was the last flyweight champion?

Henry Cejudo Henry Cejudo, an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling in 2008, ended Demetrious Johnson’s nearly six-year reign as the UFC flyweight champion at UFC 227 on Aug. 4, 2018, in Los Angeles. Cejudo won by split decision.

Who is the best flyweight in UFC?

Demetrious Johnson All-Time Flyweight Rank Fighter All-Time Points 1 Demetrious Johnson 13227 2 Mamoru Yamaguchi 2479 3 Shinichi Kojima 2371 4 Yasuhiro Urushitani 2359