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What is Jeremy Stephens ranked?

Jeremy Stephens Date ↑ ↓ Rank 04/01/2020 1 #13 Featherweight 01/01/2020 4 #14 Featherweight 10/01/2019 2 #10 Featherweight 07/01/2019 2 #8 Featherweight

Why was Jeremy Stephens fight called off?

Jeremy Stephens and Drakkar Klose’s UFC Fight Night co-main event was called off on Saturday after Klose said he suffered a neck injury when he was pushed by Stephens during the weigh-in.Apr 18, 2021

Why was UFC fight Cancelled?

For the first time in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, a UFC® champion has refused to face an alternative challenger after an injury to his original opponent, forcing the organization to cancel an event. 23 hours ago

Why did Stephens push Klose?

As for why things got physical, Stephens points to Klose as the one who started it. According to Stephens, he felt Klose was getting too close for comfort, which he did not like. “Come up or not, hands behind your back, put your nose to nose with me, you broke conduct first,” Stephens said.Jun 29, …

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What happened to the Jeremy Stephens fight?

Unfortunately, as the broadcast began, it was announced that the fight was off due to an injury to Klose. It was revealed that the Arizona native suffered a concussion and a cervical sprain of the neck due to the impact of Stephens’ shove.Apr 28, 2021