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Did Nick Diaz fight Masvidal?

After stopping Ben Askren in just five seconds at UFC 239 later that year, it set up the ‘BMF’ title fight between Nate Diaz and Masvidal, which was stopped by the doctor after severe lacerations.Apr 27, 2021

Why did McGregor fight Diaz?

McGregor took aim at Diaz after asking the UFC to create a special “McGregor belt” for his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier, which could take place July 10 in Las Vegas. But when Diaz mentioned a fight with former UFC welterweight Rory Markham, that was McGregor’s turn to pounce.Mar 31, 2021

How much did McGregor make against Diaz?

This event was the most bought UFC pay-per-view of all time with a buyrate of 1.65 million, until UFC 229 (which also featured McGregor in the main event) broke the record with 2.4 million. UFC 202. UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2 Total gate $7,700,810 Buyrate 1,650,000 Event chronology

Will there be a McGregor Diaz 3?

McGregor added that he and Diaz are currently tied at 1-1, and a third fight is inevitable. Conor McGregor concluded his statement by claiming that the third fight with Diaz will happen, and he personally is looking forward to that day. “It’s for sure gonna happen, it must happen. We’re one and one and must …

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Did McGregor beat Diaz?

#3 Nate Diaz – defeated Conor McGregor on March 5th, 2016. UFC 196 saw Nate Diaz become the first man to defeat Conor McGregor in the UFC. Following his loss to Joseph Duffy, it would be another six years before Conor McGregor would taste defeat again.Mar 3, 2021

Who won McGregor vs Diaz 3?

This time, the fight went the distance and both fighters left it all inside the octagon in a 25-minute long slugfest. However, it was the Irishman who emerged victorious via majority decision, exacting revenge for the loss he suffered earlier.Mar 3, 2021

Who wins McGregor Diaz 2?

The always-dangerous Diaz had McGregor cornered and looked like he might finish the fight, but “The Notorious” escaped the round and went on to win a majority decision despite Diaz’s best efforts.Jul 2, 2021