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Does Mackenzie Dern have a fake accent?

The accent Although she was born in Phoenix, Arizona, she speaks English with a Brazilian accent. Videos, message boards, forums and even podcasts have featured discussions on the perceived change in her accent over the years. Dern is bilingual and is the daughter of native Portuguese speaker Wellington ‘Megaton’ Dias.

Does Ariel Helwani have a black belt?

Yes, Ariel Helwani is a black belt. Being in the MMA industry for such a long time, he must have developed an interest in the sport. He gained the black belt in 2013.May 30, 2021

Is Rose Namajunas a black belt in BJJ?

Rose Gertrude Namajunas (Lithuanian: Rožė Gertrūda Namajūnaitė; born June 29, 1992) is an American professional mixed martial artist. Rose Namajunas Rank Black belt in Taekwondo Black belt in Karate Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Tony Basile Years active 2010–present (MMA)

Who is Mackenzie Derns mother?

Mackenzie Dern: Quick Facts Full Name Mackenzie Lynne Dern Santos Father’s Name Wellington “Megaton” Dias Mother’s Name Luciana Tavares (Step-mother) Siblings Two half-siblings Age 28 Years Old Jun 3, 2021

Why did Mackenzie Dern need a translator?

Fans and media alike wondered why Dern, a fluent English speaker, needed a translator for a fight that took place in Las Vegas. During a post fight press conference, Mackenzie explained the translator’s presence: “I wanted to speak Portuguese for my fans in Brazil,” Mackenzie Dern told reporters.Mar 4, 2018

Is Mackenzie Dern a mom?

This Sunday, while the world is celebrating Mother’s Day, one of jiu-jitsu’s top female fighters is making her debut as a mother: Mackenzie Dern. About a year ago, Mackenzie gave birth to her first daughter, Moa Santos Dern, with her husband Wesley Santos, a professional surfer from Brazil.

Is Mackenzie Dern from Brazil?

Is Mackenzie Dern Brazilian? In short, no. Dern is an American professional mixed martial arts fighter from Phoenix, Arizona.Apr 12, 2021

Is Mackenzie Dern married?

Dern is married to professional surfer Wesley Santos. In February 2019, Dern announced that she had put her MMA career on hold due to pregnancy. Her daughter, Moa, was born on June 9, 2019.