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What is a can crusher in MMA?

Similarly, a fighter whose record consists of wins over easy opponents is referred to as a “can crusher”. The phrase originates in the childhood pastime of kicking a can down the street—a boxer is advancing his career with minimal effort by defeating a tomato can and notching a win.

Is MVP a good fighter?

MVP does have wins over fighters who have well-established records and reputations in MMA, such as David Rickels, Paul Daley, and Derek Anderson, but he unquestionably also has wins against several fighters with noticeably mediocre records or far less experience.May 27, 2021

Is Michael Page going to the UFC?

“Yes, I enjoy Bellator, and I enjoy where I’m at, and I enjoy my success so far. But I definitely feel like I need to touch the UFC at some point and just test myself there, as well,” Page said. But until then, I definitely still see myself going (to the UFC).”May 25, 2021

Has Michael Page ever lost a fight?

Page, who is renowned for his showboating and highly unorthodox style, was brutally knocked out just moments after stunning Lima with a straight right hand and, despite suffering a highlight reel knockout loss, the London Shootfighter is ‘still smiling’ and in good spirits, per his Instagram account.

How much does Michael venom page make per fight?

The main-event card fighter, Michael Page will earn $250k and his opponents Ross Houston earn $150k no bonus will be for main-card fighters, they may have pay-per-view revenue share deal with fight promotions but such details never public by the promoters.

Is Anderson Silva the best UFC fighter?

Anderson Silva Anderson Silva would absolutely destroy people when he fought. He holds the record for the longest title hold in the UFC at 2,457 days and also recorded 16 consecutive victories during that reign as well. Silva is without a question one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time.Mar 28, 2021