dennis siver

Is Dennis Siver retired?

Dennis Siver’s UFC run has come to an end. After spending more than a decade under the UFC banner, Siver announced Wednesday that he has signed a multi-fight deal with Russian promotion ACB.Nov 8, 2017

Is UFC banned in Germany?

London, UK – The Administrative Court in Munich, Germany ruled the current broadcast ban declared by the Bavarian State Media Authority (BLM) on UFC® events as ‘illegitimate’ and annulled it accordingly.

Where is Dennis Siver now?

Dennis D. Dmitriy Siver, born January 13, 1979) is a Russian-born German mixed martial artist who competed in the welterweight, lightweight, and featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Siver is currently teaching martial arts in his hometown, Mannheim.

Are there German UFC fighters?

Names like Pascal Krauss, Jonas Billstein, and Daniel Weichel stand out as some of the best MMA fighters born in Germany. They all aspired to create storied careers that made them household names.Sep 5, 2019