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Has Demetrious Johnson lost a fight?

For the first time in nearly a decade, mixed martial arts great Demetrious Johnson has lost a fight without controversy. The trade came after Johnson lost his flyweight championship to Henry Cejudo by controversial split decision at UFC 227.Apr 8, 2021

How much weight do UFC lightweights cut?

Each fighter is different, but from what I’ve seen, most fighters tend to try to diet down to within about 10% of their weight class. As such, many lightweights will diet down to about 170.5 pounds, while some light heavyweights may only need to get down to around 225.5 pounds.

How much weight do UFC featherweights cut?

They’ll drop 10-20 pounds during their weight cut, avoiding excruciating dehydration and rehydration. The average weight cut of UFC fighters is around 15-20 pounds in the last five days before the weigh-in.

How many UFC belts does Demetrious Johnson have?

Demetrious Johnson holds the record for most finishes in UFC flyweight history with 7. He is also the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Champion. He is currently ranked #1 in the ONE Championship flyweight rankings.

Is Demetrious Johnson retired?

When it’s all said and done, Demetrious Johnson will retire from mixed martial arts as one of the most accomplished fighters in the history of the sport but he’s not exactly sitting around touting his accolades.Jun 29, 2021

What happened to UFC Demetrious Johnson?

Demetrious Johnson knocked out by Adriano Moraes in One Championship title bout. Demetrious Johnson, one of the most dominant champions in mixed martial arts history, suffered a crushing defeat to Adriano Moraes on Wednesday during a landmark night for Asian-based promotion One Championship.Apr 7, 2021