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Who is Eminem Dissing in Higher?

Eminem’s shock diss to UFC chief Dana White revealed to be part of rapper’s music video for new song ‘Higher’Jan 22, 2021

Is Billy hope a real boxer?

While there isn’t a boxer named Billy Hope in real-life, the movie is somewhat inspired by a true story. The boxing elements of the movie were supposed to be symbolic of his life journey, and Billy’s relationship with his young daughter Leila (Oona Laurence) was meant to mirror that of Eminem and his daughter Hailie.Jun …

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Does Eminem know martial arts?

Along with his obvious lyrical talent, Eminem’s athletic ability is on full display as he showcases his newfound martial arts skills as well as a few scenes in which it is clear he performs his own stunts.Sep 4, 2016

Did Eminem get punched by Tyson?

Mike Tyson Knocks Out Eminem in New ‘Godzilla’ Music Video. The video also pays tribute to late rapper Juice WRLD. The former world heavyweight boxing champion shows up out of nowhere 3 minutes into the track to deliver a surprise punch in the face to Eminem.Mar 11, 2020

Has Eminem ever got into a fight?

These are the opening lyrics to his song, ‘Fight Music’. Eminem has been fighting all his life, whether it’s a lawsuit or a public feud, but his biggest fight came when he was just a kid, a moment that shaped his career not only as a rapper but as a person.

Did Eminem call out Dana White?

Earlier this week footage of Eminem calling out UFC president Dana White on SportsCenter went viral and fans of the rapper and fans of the UFC couldn’t believe what they were seeing. On Saturday, it all came circle as the meaning behind it all was revealed and it turns out that the entire thing was …

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Why did Eminem tell off Dana White?

Speaking on ESPN’s Sportscenter show ahead of the fight – due to his song ‘Higher’ being used as the soundtrack to the trailer for the big showdown – Eminem called into question the legitimacy of White’s notorious opinions about certain fighters.Jan 23, 2021

Do Eminem and Dana White have beef?

However, Eminem appeared to have beef with UFC president Dana White during a joint interview on ESPN SportsCenter. Eminem dropped the music video for his new single “Higher” today. In the video, the full footage of the rapper’s interaction with White is played and shows that the confusing diss was all just for fun.Jan 23, …

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Is Eminem a boxer?

Eminem is well-known for being one of the best rappers, but he also has an interest in amateur boxing. The 47-year-old rapper does boxing training and sparring to stay in shape and was even set to star in movie Southpaw before declining the role to finish recording The Marshall Mathers LP 2.Mar 20, 2020

What did Dana say about Eminem?

Appearing in the imagined interview on ESPN SportsCenter, Dana White stated the following: “Yeah, thanks for having me. Listen, I’m a huge Eminem fan, but this is a tough one. This opponent is not someone you can prepare for.Jan 24, 2021

What did Eminem say to Dana White?

In the nine-second clip, this is what Eminem said to White: “I think that people like you give people like me the fuel that they need to succeed in the first place.Jan 23, 2021