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Is James Ward-Prowse good?

“He is one of the best midfield players in the Premier League, absolutely,” Hasenhüttl said. “He is not only fantastic at free-kicks, but he also displays a massive workload every game. He can run more than any other player. He is robust.

Where does Dan Hardy live now?

England He gave up his degree in art and design in his final year at Nottingham Trent University to pursue MMA full-time. Hardy lives in England.

Why was Dan Hardy released by UFC?

Hardy confirmed to MMA Fighting that he received his release letter from the UFC on Tuesday night. “The Outlaw” had been actively pursuing his release after his relationship with the UFC turned sour following his dismissal as part of the broadcast team due to a “disagreement” with a UFC employee.May 13, 2021

Is Dan Hardy still with UFC?

Dan Hardy’s time with the UFC is over, but he still pays attention to the promotion, both as a fan and an analyst for BT Sport.