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Will Conor McGregor be back?

Conor McGregor may not return for an entire year as he recovers from his bone-breaking loss to Dustin Poirier. Conor McGregor will likely be out of action for an entire year. That’s according to the UFC boss Dana White, who said he may not return until the summer of 2022.Jul 22, 2021

Is McGregor OK?

The fight was the third in the trilogy and now UFC boss Dana White has confirmed that McGregor and Poirier will fight again for the fourth time. McGregor, meanwhile, has been taken to the hospital after the fight, and it has been confirmed that he had a surgery on Sunday, July 11.Jul 11, 2021

Did Conor have broken foot?

Raynor explains that McGregor suffered a combined fracture of the tibia and fibula likely due to his reliance on booming leg kicks to defeat Dustin Poirier in UFC 264—both in training for the fight and in actual competition.Jul 16, 2021

Did Dustin wife message Conor?

Dustin Poirier reveals that his wife’s alleged DM to Conor McGregor was fake. Dustin Poirier has finally responded to reports of his wife trying to slide into Conor McGregor’s DMs. In a recent interview with BT Sport, ‘The Diamond’ dismissed the report by claiming it was fabricated.Jul 27, 2021

How much of the UFC does Dana own?

9% UFC became a subsidiary of Zuffa, and Dana White was installed as the president of the UFC. The Fertitta brothers retained 80% of the UFC, and Dana was given 9% ownership.