cody garbrandt

How much money does Cody garbrandt have?

Cody Garbrandt has an impressive net worth of $1 million. However, his highest payday was when he took on TJ Dillashaw at UFC 217. Despite losing the bantamweight championship that night, Garbrandt took home a massive $390,000.May 24, 2021

Who did Cody garbrandt lose to?

Cody Garbrandt Record: 12-4-0 W/L Fighter Method loss Cody Garbrandt Pedro Munhoz KO/TKO Punch loss Cody Garbrandt TJ Dillashaw KO/TKO Punches loss Cody Garbrandt TJ Dillashaw KO/TKO Punch win Cody Garbrandt Dominick Cruz U-DEC

Does Cody garbrandt drink alcohol?

His opponent showed up 13 pounds overweight. Barely old enough to legally drink alcohol, Garbrandt replenished his fluids, checked in at 137 pounds and fought as a featherweight.May 24, 2016

Is Cody garbrandt still married 2020?

Cody is a mixed martial art expert for those who don’t know and has been active as an MMA fighter since 2012. Danny Pimsanguan: Quick Facts. Full Name Danielle Pimsanguan Associated to Wet Republic Ultra Pool Marital Status Married Husband Cody Granbrandt Children One May 28, 2021

What is Cody garbrandt rank?

Cody Garbrandt Date ↑ ↓ Rank 01/01/2020 10 #18 Bantamweight 10/01/2019 1 #8 Bantamweight 07/01/2019 1 #7 Bantamweight 04/01/2019 3 #6 Bantamweight