Is MMA legal in Europe?

Countries such as Bulgaria, Sweden, Portugal, Russia and Romania recognise MMA as a legal sport, while France does recognise MMA, but due to a very large opposition to the sport, it is only legal to a certain degree, as full contact MMA fighting is prohibited.

How can I watch UFC in France?

RMC Sport Leading Sports channel of France will be broadcast the UFC 265 Fight live on their network as they are get the rights to shown the action live in France Country. A VPN service that will help you to access Geo Block Content and Stream UFC live without any restriction of TV channels.

Is MMA illegal in France?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) was banned in France in 2016, with the French Sports Ministry outlawing the use an octagonal cage and many of the key techniques involved. In September 2019 the current French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu decided to move ahead with measures to see the sport legalised.Apr 13, 2021