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How much does a UFC referee earn?

UFC Referee Salary: How Much Do UFC Refs Make? Level Per Fight Salary Yearly Earnings Entry Level MMA Referees $250 $14,500 Professional MMA Referees $2,500 $380,000 Female MMA Referees $1,000 $60,000

Is Chuck Liddell fighting again?

Eight years after hanging up his gloves ‘for good’, Chuck Liddell has announced he is coming out of retirement. Liddell knocked out Ortiz in both of their blockbuster bouts in 2004 and 2006 respectively. “I will fight again. If we can get a deal together with somebody and it made sense, yeah (unequivocally).”

How much did Chuck Liddell make per fight?

By UFC 47, when Chuck faced Tito Ortiz, he earned around $100,000 but by the end of his illustrious career, Liddell was paid $500,000 per fight, win or lose. Sponsorships, book sales and other endeavors helped him to multiply his income. Liddell earned $250,000 for his last fight against Tito Ortiz.

How long was Chuck Liddell in the UFC?

Known as “The Iceman,” Chuck Liddell was an American mixed martial artist (MMA) who fought for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and compiled a 21-8 record before retiring in late 2010. He returned for one more match in 2018, losing to Tito Ortiz in a first-round knockout.

Who did Chuck Liddell fight in the UFC?

Tito Ortiz Chuck Liddell Record: 21-8-0 W/L Fighter Method loss Chuck Liddell Keith Jardine S-DEC loss Chuck Liddell Quinton Jackson KO/TKO Punch win Chuck Liddell Tito Ortiz KO/TKO Punches win Chuck Liddell Renato Sobral KO/TKO Punches

How many UFC fights did Chuck Liddell have?

23 fights Charles David Liddell (born December 17, 1969) is a retired American mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Liddell had 23 fights in the UFC; he is widely credited with bringing MMA into the mainstream of American sports and entertainment.

Does Chuck Liddell work for the UFC?

When WME-IMG purchased the UFC from Zuffa in that landmark deal, Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell was one of the many employees to get the boot. UFC president Dana White explained that he hired Chuck Liddell as UFC executive vice president of business development as a ‘gift’ in return for his loyalty to the promotion.