christos giagos

Who is Jeremy in FNaF VR?

Jeremy is one of the beta testers who works for Silver Parasol Games. He participated in the development of the Fazbear Virtual Experience game.

What happened to Jeremy in FNaF?

In FNaF: Help Wanted, a Jeremy is mentioned as having been the beta tester for the video game The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience. If this is the same Jeremy as Fitzgerald, then Jeremy has committed suicide by slicing his throat with a propeller after being driven insane by Glitchtrap.

Is Jeremy Stephens still in the UFC?

Jeremy Stephens (born May 26, 1986) is an American professional mixed martial artist, competing in the UFC’s featherweight division, before returning to Lightweight in 2021.

Is Christos Giagos greek?

Giagos was born and raised in Southern California. Giagos competed in wrestling in high school, and began training in mixed martial arts at the age 19 in 2009. He is a Greek American.