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How much did Chris Leben make in UFC?

Despite competing on the un-aired portion of the card, veteran middleweight Chris Leben earned $60,000 and claimed the biggest disclosed payday at UFC Fight Night 20.Jan 13, 2010

Is Chris Leben on steroids?

Chris Leben has been fined and suspended after testing positive for steroids. The drug flagged was Stanozolol, which is more commonly known as Winstrol. It is an anabolic steroid that is widely used for cutting weight. For Mixed Martial Arts, steroids are becoming a major problem.Nov 3, 2008

How tall is Chris Barnett MMA?

5′ 9″ Barnett Fighter Fighting Style Height Ben Rothwell Striker 6′ 4″ Chris Barnett – 5′ 9″ Jun 14, 1986

Why did Chris Leben leave UFC?

Following a four-fight streak of losses between 2011 and 2013, Leben announced his retirement from the sport – citing the advancement of the game and the risk of serious injury as the primary reasons for his decision.Apr 23, 2019