charles oliveira ufc

Why do they call him Do Bronx?

Charles Oliveira was given the name ‘Do Bronx’ when he first stepped into the Macao Gold Team. Favelas are sometimes referred to as ‘bronx’ in Portuguese. Thus, Charles ‘Do Bronx’ translates to Charles ‘of the bronx’ or Charles ‘of the favela’.May 16, 2021

What is Charles Oliveira fighting style?

As mentioned, Oliveira’s style of kickboxing is clearly Muay Thai. He stands tall, steps lightly with his lead leg, and pins his elbows to his ribs with his hands to his temples.May 13, 2021

Who has the most finishes in UFC history?

Currently, Charles Oliveira has the most finishes in UFC history. Charles Oliveira’s MMA record stands at 31 wins, 8 losses, and 1 No Contest (NC).May 27, 2021