alex oliveira

Has Oliveira been knocked out?

Charles Oliveira knocked out Michael Chandler at UFC 262 to succeed Khabib Nurmagomedov and become the new UFC lightweight champion. The 155lbs division has been lacking a king since the Russian walked away on Fight Island in October 2020, with Oliveira waiting in the shadows.May 16, 2021

How much did UFC 263 fighters get paid?

Adesanya led all contracted paydays, pocketing $500,000 of show money. His opponent, Marvin Vettori, was the second-highest paid, and he took home $350,000. Trailing the headliners in the payouts was Nate Diaz, who took home a disclosed purse of $250,000.Jun 21, 2021

Why do they call Charles Oliveira do Bronx?

He lived in a Favela (slums) which is sometimes playfully nicknamed Bronx and the gym where he first started was also called Bronx, therefore, some of his new gym colleagues started calling him “Charles do Bronx” which translates to “Charles of the Bronx”.

Why is Oliveira called Do Bronx?

Charles Oliveira was given the name ‘Do Bronx’ when he first stepped into the Macao Gold Team. Favelas are sometimes referred to as ‘bronx’ in Portuguese. Thus, Charles ‘Do Bronx’ translates to Charles ‘of the bronx’ or Charles ‘of the favela’.May 16, 2021

What type of fighter is Oliveira?

mixed martial artist Charles Oliveira da Silva (born October 17, 1989) is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist. He currently competes in the Lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion.

What rank is Alex Oliveira?

Alex Oliveira Date ↑ ↓ Rank 01/01/2017 1 #30 Welterweight 10/01/2016 33 #31 Welterweight 07/01/2016 2 #64 Welterweight 04/01/2016 NR #62 Welterweight

How much money does Michael Chandler make?

Michael Chandler made a reported $530,000 from UFC 257, which included his Performance of the Night, win and sponsorship bonuses. He made $350,000 in show money.May 14, 2021