adesanya vettori

Did Diaz win?

You see, the record books will forever state Edwards beat Nate Diaz on Saturday night via unanimous decision.Jun 13, 2021

Is UFC 263 free?

The UFC 263 PPV event requires a one-time fee of $70 on top of your ESPN+ subscription.Jun 11, 2021

How much did Israel Adesanya make against Marvin Vettori?

Adesanya led all contracted paydays, pocketing $500,000 of show money. His opponent, Marvin Vettori, was the second-highest paid, and he took home $350,000. Trailing the headliners in the payouts was Nate Diaz, who took home a disclosed purse of $250,000.Jun 21, 2021

What is adesanya record?

Israel Adesanya holds a boxing record of 5-1, a kickboxing record of 75-5, and an MMA record of 20-1. Effectively, he has had 107 fights with 100 wins.Jun 8, 2021

Did Marvin Vettori really think he won?

According to Vettori, that’s exactly what happened in the heat of the moment but he has no problem giving Adesanya credit for a job well done. “Right after the fight, I thought I won,” Vettori said. “I thought I won and he’s like ‘no, you didn’t win.Jun 13, 2021

How did Adesanya beat Vettori?

At UFC on FOX 29 in April 2018, Adesanya defeated Vettori via split decision. The fight was Adesanya’s second in the promotion and Vettori’s fifth. Since their first meeting, the two exchanged verbal jabs in interviews and written insults on social media, which all led up to their rematch Saturday.Jun 13, 2021

What did Vettori say to Adesanya after the fight?

At the post-fight press conference, Vettori explained what was said. “Right after the fight, I thought I won,” Vettori explained. “I thought I won and he’s like ‘no, you didn’t win. Still, despite Vettori’s thinking, Adesanya was the better man on the night.Jun 14, 2021