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Who won the Bellator fights tonight?

Cheick Kongo won the Bellator 265 main event on Friday night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, coming back from a difficult first round to turn the tables and submit heavyweight Sergei Kharitonov with just one second remaining in Round 2.

How old is Pico FNF?

It was speculated on Newgrounds for years that Pico and his friends were around 12-14 years old, but Tom Fulp confirmed that all the major characters in Pico’s School are high school seniors (around 16-18 years old) in the comment section of his blog post, Pico Jams.

How old is Pico Newgrounds?

Pico originates from Pico’s School, a point-and-click Flash game made by Newgrounds’ founder Tom Fulp in 1999. Due to the games popularity at the time, Pico quickly became a fan favorite around Newgrounds.4 days ago

What are the rules of pankration?

Pankration, which literary means ‘all force’, is a combination of wrestling and boxing. It was a dangerous sport, in which everything was permitted except biting, gouging (stabbing with your finger in your opponent’s eye, nose or mouth) and attacking the genitals.

Who did Aaron Pico fight?

Fight History – Pro Result Fighter Event win Lee Morrison Bellator 199 – Bader vs. King Mo May / 12 / 2018 win Shane Kruchten Bellator 192 – Jackson vs. Sonnen Jan / 20 / 2018 win Justin Linn Bellator 183 – Henderson vs. Freire Sep / 23 / 2017 loss Zach Freeman Bellator 180 …

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Is Aaron Pico Mexican?

Aaron Pico is a seventh generation Californio. Pico is a direct descendant of Pío de Jesus Pico, who was the last Mexican Governor of California under the Providence of Mexico.

Is Aaron Pico still fighting?

He’s now riding a three-fight winning streak — all finished by knockout or submission — and he’ll look for a fourth consecutive victory this weekend at Bellator 260.Jun 10, 2021