3 Minutes of Francis Ngannou Sending Fighters to the Shadow Realm & His Much Improved English Skills

Francis Ngannou is bar none the scariest fighter in the UFC at the moment and I would argue throughout this entire modern MMA era. Francis has knocked out almost every single victory he has ever had and despite some shaky performances along the way, he’s once again knocking on the door tot a title shot with those massive fists that he has. Ngannou is one of my favorite fighters to watch due to the sheer brutality and power he brings into the octagon!
Not only that, Ngannou’s power has helped him rise to superstar status in MMA along with his quick ability to learn english. This might sound weird, but it’s always 100% vital for foreign stars to learn english in the UFC or else they won’t simply be a PPV draw (like Anderson Silva). Moreover, Francis knows at least 3 languages now and seeing as he learned english so quickly, I think it’s pretty safe to say that this gentle, fearsome giant is also a very intelligent man!
Who would you like to see Francis fight next?
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