Ученик Хабиба против Тарзана! Сумасшедший бой будущих чемпионов! Ислам Махачев vs Мансур Барнауи!

Fight of Islam Makhachev led another tournament in the UFC on ESPN series. There is not so much left before the coveted title fight. And in this regard, today we will remember the very first duel of Islam in the M-1 Global organization.
It took place at the M-1 Challenge 38 tournament, which took place on April 9, 2013 in St. Petersburg. Islam at that time had 7 victories in 7 fights under the rules of mixed martial arts, as well as the title of world champion and winner of the World Cup in combat sambo.
An equally interesting fighter became his rival. If Makhachev was 21 years old at the time of his debut in the rage, then the champion of the French organization 100% Fight Mansur Barnau, nicknamed “Tarzan”, was even less, only 20 years old. But he also had an impressive record of 8 wins with just one defeat.
Years later, one of them will follow in Khabib’s footsteps to the UFC champion title, and the second will become the M-1 Challenge champion and win the Road FC Grand Prix. But even then, in 2013, the technical arsenal and the incredible potential of both athletes were visible to the naked eye. Their battle promised to be incredibly stubborn and spectacular.

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